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After School BrainPower TM Program

MFLC’s BrainPower™ Program (BPP) uses a web-based tool called BrainSkills™ which was developed from over 40 years of research conducted by LearningRx. LearningRx is the #1 brain training program in the USA. Our program is unique because we build on a child’s natural intelligence by providing tools that help them to:

  • process information quickly,
  • increase ability to remember,
  • listen accurately,
  • increase attention span, and
  • develop logic and reasoning skills.

While the BrainPower™ activities are critical to learning and processing information, an important aspect in evaluating how they affect your child, is looking at how they are doing in their class work.  You can expect to see a positive difference in how your child completes class work in 9 - 12 weeks of consistent training here at MFLC.  Your child will participate in the BPP for 6 months to a year, depending upon how many days each week they train in the BrainPower™ Program.

We encourage parents to sign up for this program as well, so you know what your child is learning.  Parents can improve their own learning skills, and help their children at home.  We can provide time here at MFLC to use our computers and/or explain how to access the program from home or a local library.    

For Students in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade, BrainPower™ Program activities will consist of 15-30 minutes of Sound Analysis (reading preparation) 4 days a week or as many times as they are here.  This is a web-based program.  Because they may not yet be able to use a computer mouse independently, one of our staff will work one-on-one with them when help is needed.  If you have a computer at home, we ask you to provide your
child with additional time.  We can show you how to access this program from home or a local library.  Your child’s time here will be given first to the BrainPower™ Program, then to school assignments.

For Students in 3rd through 12th Grades, the BrainPower™ Program will consist of 30 minutes to 1 hour of BrainSkills™ training each time they are here.  The Gibson Test will be given to determine where they begin in the program.  This will take about 40 minutes of time to complete during their first session with us.  It is NOT an intelligence test, but rather evaluates how your child is processing information.  Parents will be given a copy of this assessment and an explanation of how the program will help their child learn better in school.  Homework support will also be given during the time they are here at MFLC, with priority given to their BrainPower™ Program.

For more information, contact Co-Directors

Sr. Mary Ellen Schroeder, SND • 419.512.9438

Sr. Mary Nancy Vance, SND • 419.913.9806

Don't settle for the brain you think you were born with…Whatever your age or situation, you really can experience the life-changing benefits of a
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